Karanthir Leather Jerkin - Black/Red

The Karanthir Leather Jerkin is a versatile and robust addition to any reenactment or role-playing wardrobe. Expertly crafted from durable splitleather, this sleeveless coat is designed for live action role-play (LARP), historical reenactments, Renaissance fairs, and other medieval-themed events. The eye-catching jerkin is defined by its functional front buckles, providing both a secure fit and a distinctive aesthetic. Side adjustments made through leather cords allow for a tailored fit, accommodating a range of body sizes and shapes. The jerkin’s wide hood is framed with decorative trim, adding a touch of elegance, while the small triangular cape on the back introduces a regal element to your ensemble. The cape features two stylish pieces that extend from the shoulders to the front, enhancing the jerkin’s dynamic silhouette. This sleeveless coat not only allows for full range of motion but also seamlessly blends with a variety of outfits, making it an essential component for any medieval wardrobe, also it offers the practical benefit of layering with ease. You can don a variety of undergarments from simple tunics to richly embroidered shirts, adapting to different weather conditions or character roles. Whether you’re a merchant, a knight, or a traveler, this jerkin complements your chosen persona. With six different color combinations available, the Karanthir Leather Jerkin becomes a canvas for your imagination, enabling you to customize your look for any character. The rich hues provide a dynamic contrast that can highlight your affiliation, status, or mood. The adjustable front buckles, side leather cords, and a majestic hood with decorative trim all add to the piece’s versatility, ensuring you stand out in the crowd, no matter the role you embrace.

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