Since 1996 Mytholon is the outfitter of choice for all areas of Live Action Role Play (LARP -> ReV Rol en Vivo), the Middle Ages and costumes. Be it camp items such as cutlery, tableware and harmonious light and even tents, garments from medieval underwear to costumes worthy a king or even the right armor for every fight, from light leather bracers to full plate. When designing our products we´re always focused great workmanship, durable materials and extraordinary cuts. While we are available to customers around the clock in our online shop, you can also find us on many medieval markets, fantastic fairs & festivals or small and large LARP-events in Germany as well as all over Europe. In addition, our products can be sourced locally from well-stocked dealers and partners such as Rawblade.

Tienda Medieval is a shop dedicated to e-commerce; they have a lot of experience behind, as they were born in 2008 and run many shops online. Their main shop is Spanish and decided to open other e-shops in France, Portugal, Italy, UK, and USA to give the opportunity to their customers to buy their weapons from all over the world. In their shop, they mainly sell historical and medieval weapons, armors and its parts, historical clothes, and accessories for any age and decorative items including forged items. The standard of their service, the quality of the items and the variety of their catalog make them simply the leader of this sector. They constantly work hard to deliver the item you're looking for, giving the best service they can.

The online shop for all things medieval and LARP
Andracor began manufacturing high-quality leather products in the mid-90s, especially for the then still young hobby of live role-playing. From the beginning until today a lot has happened and the name Andracor has a good reputation, which we will strengthen further. In addition to leather products, our online shop offers a wide range of items from the Middle Ages, reenactment and live role-playing games.

In our website you can find anything for LARP, from weapons to armors, from garments to accessories, from Make Up to prosthetics.

Our service for LARP and reenactment was born in 2003 and has grown up toghether with your needs.
In our shop we can show you our full catalogue, totally designed and produced by us, together with a wide range of items from the best international producers, and a premium choice ot artisan craftmanship.

Le Rune is the crossroad of Italian LARP