Terms and Conditions

The first and most important is that when a customer proceed with an order at this webpage, is accepting our General Terms and conditions at www.Rawblade.com.

We have organize our conditions as follows:

The orders.

The payment

The prices

How Dispatch

And Intellectual property


The Orders


1 First Step: “Ordering the Order”


Once the customer has entered the entire order in his cart, and has accepted the terms and conditions. The order enters our system and we will proceed immediately to prepare a final invoice with the shipping costs on the invoice. During this process, the client can consult his invoice at any time in his personal section, in "my orders".

While the order has not been paid, the customer can rectify his order at any time. Attending to changes, including the addition of merchandise or the change of address.

Before the order is shipped, Rawblade S.L (hereinafter "Rawblade") will send an invoice by email. VAT is added to all orders placed by Spanish retailers. Additionally, VAT is added to orders placed by retailers within the EU, which do not have a valid VAT number.

Finally Rawblade, considers that the order is fully accepted at the time we send the invoice, although at that time there may be non-substantial modifications of the order. A substantial modification is that which implies a reduction of more than 10% of the total order, in the case of increasing the amount there is no limit at all.

The retailer is responsible for checking the invoice. If any information in the retailer’s opinion does not correspond with the order placed, the retailer is encouraged to save and print the order confirmation for later documentation if needed.

2 Adress, Order splitting and Retailer information

The address provided by the customer can be modified at any time from its user control panel. The customer can request a direct delivery to the customer, if the entire order is for a single user. This action may have additional shipping costs.

An order can be split, as long as the user requests it, but this may entail additional shipping costs that, as in the case of direct shipments, the customer must pay.

Rawblade does not validate the VAT number or check this information before every order. If the retailer's VAT number becomes inactive and Rawblade is not informed accordingly before the relevant order, then the VAT will be invoiced separately.

3 Invoice

Rawblade will include an Invoice in every order we sent. You can check every time you need at your personal account in “my orders”, and download it, if it’s necessary.

4    Return policy

Rawblade will accept changes and returns on orders that are defective, provided they are accompanied by photographs, reference in the invoice, and is approved by a member of the company's sales team.


5    Retail price.


All prices shown at Rawblade.com are in Euro currency. Rawblade has a recommended retail price (RRP) for every product. The RRP is the price we recommend as the end/final price for end-users including all national and local duties. The RRPs for customers in all territories are stated inclusive value added tax (VAT) of 21%. “Your Price”states the retailer’s purchase price without VAT.

Our customers can carry out promotions and discounts on the items they purchase from Rawblade. As long as these recommendations are provided, limited in time and within a justifiable context, such as Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday ... If Rawblade observes that one of its customers is selling below the price systematically, Rawblade may terminate the business relationship with said customer.

Rawblade understands the capitalist and commercial environment that surrounds us. But it will not encourage dirty play behaviors or poorly understood competitiveness in the market. Inventiveness and initiative may be better strategies than a price discount.


6 Purchases out of Europe.

For delivery outside the EU, the local customs authorities may collect VAT and duty as well as other levy dues. Rawblade is neither liable nor responsible for whether or not the local customs authorities collect these taxes, etc. It is the retailer’s own responsibility to pay these taxes and duties, even though these are not specified in the order confirmation or the invoice. Outside the EU, Rawblade ships duties unpaid.

7 Shipping costs

For all orders placed with Rawblade, the cost of delivery is added to the order to cover the shipping fee. The shipping fee will be calculated after the order has been packed, and only appears on the final invoice and not in the web shop, Rawblade always try to give the best shipping costs.

8 Payment

Rawblade requires payment in full before shipping out orders. And we only accept Bank transfer/ Bank Wire

Bank Information
Bank …………… : Banco Bilbao Vizcaya

Av. País Valencia, 40, 03801 Alcoi, Alicante (SPAIN)

IBAN Euro.…. : ES3901820109360101507132



9 Shipping Conditions

9.1. Transport Terms

Rawblade, only accept agreements with the latest Incoterms 2020, Ex Works, and the risk of loss transfers to the retailer upon delivery of the products to the carrier.

9.2. Minimum orders and reorders

Rawblade has a 200€ minimum order, but we can consider in each chase if we accept orders of less value than we mark. Then and we calculate the shipping costs attending the volume and weight. The handle costs are not charged in the shipping price.


9.3. Orders

Rawblade reserves the right to treat every order as an individual order and may choose to send them individually or collect seperate orders, from the same buyer, to send as one, in order to cut down on shipping expenses. If the retailer wants special attention made towards their order, in terms of shipping or packing they can add these requests as a comment when making the order.

10. Invoice

After placing an online order, the invoice will be emailed to the retailer before the order is shipped. It is the retailer’s responsibility to check the invoice against the order.

11. Backorders

Rawblade will register the retailer's orders for sold out items, i.e. backorders. If the sold-out items are available by the time a new order has been received from the retailer, these items will added to the next delivery and invoices will be sent at the same time.

Backorders are binding unless the retailer requests to have their backorder deleted. To delete a backorder, the retailer must send a mail to info@rawblade.com with the subject name “Delete backorder” and request for their backorder to be deleted in parts or completely.

Backorders should be considered corrected and/or deleted once the retailer has received a written confirmation via email from Rawblade.


12. Dispatch

Rawblade will send a tracking number to the buyer. The conditions of each country can make the order arrive more or less quickly, and that at no time will be the responsibility of Rawblade. Rawblade makes urgent delivery available by plane, as well as 24-hour delivery service, as long as you are notified via email to info@rawblade.com. The budget of these costs must be paid before shipment.

13. Insurance

Shipments will not be insured unless the retailer contacts Rawblade specifying and paying for the insurance needed for shipments to a specific address. The costs are around 1% RRP order cost

14 Drop Ship

Rawblade, offer drop ship service for 2% of the total cost of the order.


15. Products at Rawblade

15.1 General

Rawblade products are mostly handmade and/or hand-painted and therefore unique. As a result, the products have natural deviations in patterns, colors and shapes, which are not considered defects or faults.

15.2 Sales Channels for Rawblade products

Rawblade reserves the right to be the sole distributor of Rawblade products sold on third-party sites including, but not limited to E-bay, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram. Unless explicit written permission is given, Rawblade does NOT allow the reselling of Rawblade products on third party sites. If retailers do not have an explicit written permission provided by Rawblade, Rawblade reserves the right to end business relations immediately. If retailers wish to use third-party resale sites as part of their sales strategy, retailers can contact Rawblade and ask for permission to sell products on the specified third-party site.

16. Intellectual Property

Rawblade is the sole owner of the brands “De la Rosa”, “Iron Buta foam props”, “Rawblade products”, including copyrights and trademarks for the designs and names of the products and brand logos.

All content on Rawblade website, including but not limited to images, artwork, text, audio clips, and video clips, are unless otherwise stated, owned and controlled by Rawblade and may not in any way be reproduced, copied, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed. Modifications of the content or unauthorized use of the content for any purpose is a violation of Rawblade’s legal rights. The use of any Rawblade content on any other website or networked computer environment is prohibited unless explicitly authorized. Any permission to use such material must be issued by Rawblade in writing to be valid.

These Terms and Conditions authorize retailers that sell Rawblade products on their websites to use pictures and other content owned by Rawblade on the condition that these retailers have the text below written in their website terms section or on their front page:

17. Reservation, changes and typographical errors, etc.

Rawblade reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time as it sees fit and the retailer's continued use of www.rawblade.com will signify its acceptance of any adjustment to these terms. The retailer is therefore advised to re-read these Terms and Conditions from time to time.

18. Limited Liability

Rawblade is not liable for typographical errors and picture errors, sold-out situations, changes in value added tax and duty rates, and late or defective delivery due to force majeure events.


19. Governing Law and Venue

For the solution of any dispute or litigious issue arising from the joint collaboration, on any issue that arises between the parties regarding the interpretation or compliance with this collaboration, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the judicial party of Alcoy and the competent Superior Courts in Spain, renouncing the jurisdiction of any other Court that by reason of their domicile or other cause may correspond to them.

20. Retailer Discount level

Rawblade, will modify the obtaining of discounts on its products if it observes after a period of collaboration with the retailer, that it does not reach the minimum for its purchase level. In this way, it is about helping the different retailers, giving them the highest possible discount initially and then adjusting to their actual sales.

The following table refers to the discount levels that can be obtained in Rawblade:

Discount Amount bought in a year
MAX % 20.000 or more
 -5% 10.000
-10% 5.000
-20% 2.000

These Terms and Conditions form part of the agreement between the retailer and Rawblade.  By placing an order at www.Rawblade.com, the retailer indicates agreement to and understanding and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Many thanks to René Vendt and www.ironfortress.com for the support and advice in this document.