Shiv Knife

The Shiv Knife is the ideal LARP foam dagger for adventurers and characters of all creeds. This LARP-safe weapon is meticulously crafted to provide an authentic look while ensuring safety during combat play. The Shiv Knife features a straight, classic blade design with a rustic, forged appearance. The simulated steel texture on the foam surface gives it an appearance of a blade that has seen many battles, while the darkened edges suggest a weapon honed for stealth and efficiency. This foam dagger is lightweight and expertly balanced, ensuring that it can be wielded with ease during the most intense LARP battles. Its sturdy construction guarantees durability through countless encounters, yet it is gentle enough to ensure the safety of your fellow LARPers. Perfect for rogues, assassins, or any character needing a reliable sidearm, the Shiv Knife complements any LARP costume or gear setup. Whether you're engaged in silent assassinations or defending your honor in the town square, this foam dagger will serve as a trusty and impressive addition to your LARP arsenal. -100% latex free! -Made of coreless flexible polyurethane foam. -High quality colored for maximum durability -Approximate dimensions (cm): 22x5x1 -Approximate weight: 16g. -This product is made and painted by hand, so it can show slight variations over the pictures shown.

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