Push Knife

The Push Knife is a formidable foam dagger crafted for the immersive LARP enthusiast. Designed for close combat and subtle maneuvering, this LARP-safe weapon marries detailed aesthetics with practical functionality. The Push Knife is distinguished by its wide, triangular blade that simulates the appearance of hammered metal, suggesting a history of battle and craftsmanship. The foam blade is coated to look like aged steel, offering an authentic metallic sheen that catches the light, adding realism to your role-playing. The handle is designed to resemble weathered wood, with intricate grain patterns and simulated studs for an enhanced grip. This ergonomic design ensures the dagger sits comfortably in the hand, allowing for precision and control during the heat of battle. Light in weight yet high in impact, the Push Knife is a versatile addition to any LARP character's arsenal. Whether you're a stealthy rogue, a battle-hardened warrior, or a cunning mercenary, this foam dagger adds depth to your character's narrative while ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all participants in the LARP event. -100% latex free! -Made of coreless flexible polyurethane foam. High quality colored for maximum durability -Approximate dimensions (cm): 9'5x6x1'5 -Approximate weight: 19g. -This product is made and painted by hand, so it can show slight variations over the pictures shown.

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