Ripper Knife

The Ripper Knife is designed with the needs of LARPers in mind, combines a realistic appearance with safe, combat-ready construction. It features a unique, curved blade that mimics the look of weathered steel, complete with a textured finish to resemble a well-worn weapon from a bygone era. The handle is artfully crafted to resemble carved wood, giving the illusion of a custom, hand-made piece. Lightweight and balanced, the Ripper Knife is perfect for close-quarters skirmishes and stealthy encounters. Its durable foam composition ensures longevity and safety, while the detailed craftsmanship makes it a desirable piece for any character, from thieves and assassins to noble warriors. This LARP dagger is not only a functional piece of equipment but also a collector's item that adds authenticity to your gear. -100% latex free! -Made of coreless flexible polyurethane foam. -High quality colored for maximum durability -Approximate dimensions (cm): 29'5x7x2 -Approximate weight: 40 gr -This product is made and painted by hand, so it can show slight variations over the pictures shown.

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